Teaching Through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons (PRINT)

By Scott Lindberg

Take self-custody of your education and start learning about Bitcoin.  This guidebook based on the STEM certified game, HODL UP, helps the new and curious take their first steps through gameschooling.   It’s exactly what the title says … 21 Bitcoin lessons.

Why games? 

Games are more fun than lectures and less intimidating than formal classes. They rank higher on the education effectiveness pyramid than traditional learning methods because they combine social interaction with multiple sensory inputs.  They offer the bonus of fellowship as an alternative to ever-present screen time temptations. 

Why Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is changing the world.  Bitcoin adoption is accelerating up the adoption S-curve like the internet did in the 1990’s.  Learning about Bitcoin does not mean you must invest.  It is about staying informed about this growing technology.

Three hints of insights you’ll discover:

• From a personal savings perspective, everyone is looking for a long-term store of value to protect against our inflationary monetary system.  Understanding key Bitcoin concepts can be the difference between smart money decisions and getting wrecked on exchanges.

• From a humanitarian perspective, Bitcoin is freedom money for the un-banked and those living in hyper-inflationary countries. 

• From an energy perspective, Bitcoin drives healthy incentives, e.g., capturing previously flared methane and balancing electric grids using solar and wind. 

The Author

The author, Scott, is also the game designer of HODL UP.  This game / book set is his proof-of-work representing two years years of self-education and creating, testing and refining game mechanics.  His motivation initially was to teach Bitcoin to his own family.  In the process, he went down many rabbit holes and now sees Bitcoin as hope for his family, our country and freedom-loving people everywhere.  He is resolved to teach as many people as possible.  If you are already an experienced Bitcoiner, you probably feel the same.  Consider this set as a gift for the no-coiners in your life.

Happy hodling!

Note the game HODL UP is sold separately.  This listing is only for the lesson plan book based on the game.

Note:  The printed book is also available by print on demand:  https://www.lulu.com/shop/scott-lindberg/learning-through-games-21-bitcoin-lessons/paperback/product-82qjp7.html?page=1&pageSize=4


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ISBN 9781329628717