Conscious Parenting Series: Homeschooling with Scott and Tali on Decentralized Consciousness

Higher levels of consciousness are becoming accessible to the human race in an unprecedented rate. The internet, Nostr and Bitcoin can be seen as external representations of this shift in consciousness. These technologies are decentralizing forces in a centralized world.

In this podcast we explore connections between decentralized technology and higher consciousness. How the vibration of truth of decentralized entities shatters lies, corruption and manipulation in the macro environment as well as in individuals who try to understand it. 

Topics Covered:

  • The social definition of education versus what it actually is?
  • The problems with our current system of education
  • Homeschooling as an education for both the parent and the teacher
  • Resources available to homeschooling parents
  • Reactions from family and friends about their decision to homeschool
  • Advantages of having many little learning moments throughout the day
  • Common FUD: socialization and students’ ability to “succeed” in the real world
  • Using technology for actively instead of passively (education versus entertainment)
  • The deflationary force of technology, artificial intelligence, and adapting to advancement
  • Is homeschooling as difficult as it seems?
  • The endless range of resources and possibilities for all lifestyles
  • Where to start and figuring out government requisites
  • The importance of validation as a parent
  • Scott and Tali’s games and books; using them as an ice breaker




"HODL UP is a fun game. Almost as easy as playing Uno. Cool thing is that... it is all based on crypto-currency. Playing enabled my children and me to learn as we mined coins! Its accessible gameplay makes it both a family-friendly game and an educational experience. Highly recommend!"

S.E. Lindberg
Creator of Dyscrasia Fiction & Managing Editor at Black Gate

“Best Bitcoin game ever!”

Matt O'Dell
Citadel Dispatch

“This game is REALLY fun.  … I was so impressed with the game theory he used in building this game – Bravo sir!”

Preston Pysh
The Investor’s Podcast Network

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