Game Theory and Bitcoin with Preston Pysh

Preston interviews game theory expert Scott Lindberg, about Bitcoin and its robust incentives that keep everything mutually beneficial for all participants.


  • An overview of Game Theory.
  • The critical difference between infinite and finite games.
  • What Satoshi had to consider when designing Bitcoin from the start.
  • What are some of Scott's favorite game theory aspects found in Bitcoin?
  • How game designers account for skilled players playing a game with unskilled players.
  • What Volatility does to a games design.
  • How Scott designed a playable game around Bitcoin.
  • The iteration process for designing games that are playable and balanced.



    "HODL UP is a fun game. Almost as easy as playing Uno. Cool thing is that... it is all based on crypto-currency. Playing enabled my children and me to learn as we mined coins! Its accessible gameplay makes it both a family-friendly game and an educational experience. Highly recommend!"

    S.E. Lindberg
    Creator of Dyscrasia Fiction & Managing Editor at Black Gate

    “Best Bitcoin game ever!”

    Matt O'Dell
    Citadel Dispatch

    “This game is REALLY fun.  … I was so impressed with the game theory he used in building this game – Bravo sir!”

    Preston Pysh
    The Investor’s Podcast Network

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