Separating Education and State and the HODL UP Board Game on Nomad Twentyone

I caught up with @ScottLindberg93 and his wife Tali in Nashville to discuss the newest Bitcoin board game, HODL UP, that's attracting some well warranted interest! We also discussed the broader framework from which the game sprang - home schooling. Tali explains how separating education and state is important and furthermore may not be as difficult as the average parent may fear. 



"HODL UP is a fun game. Almost as easy as playing Uno. Cool thing is that... it is all based on crypto-currency. Playing enabled my children and me to learn as we mined coins! Its accessible gameplay makes it both a family-friendly game and an educational experience. Highly recommend!"

S.E. Lindberg
Creator of Dyscrasia Fiction & Managing Editor at Black Gate

“Best Bitcoin game ever!”

Matt O'Dell
Citadel Dispatch

“This game is REALLY fun.  … I was so impressed with the game theory he used in building this game – Bravo sir!”

Preston Pysh
The Investor’s Podcast Network

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