Gillian - Bitcoin can make it easier for you to follow five of the Eightfold Paths in Buddha's Fourth Noble Truth.

Alignment, Spirituality and Transformation

Gillian shares her personal journey of alignment, growth, and self-discovery through various avenues: from studying film in New York and Asian culture in Japan, to her exploration of Rolfing, Pilates, hypnotherapy, and Buddhist Psychotherapy. She explores the profound value of aligning with one's inner identity, environment, and, importantly, with money. After her third encounter with Bitcoin, she made the decision to invest her resources into it. She underlines the empowerment Bitcoin provides, especially for women and encourages self-interrogation when facing resistance or discomfort in exploring new areas like Bitcoin.

00:03 Introduction

00:31 Announcement of the Orange Hatter Women's Retreat

01:34 Guest Introduction and Conversation

01:47 Early Life and Education

03:55 Career in Film and Technology

04:18 Personal Struggles and Self-Discovery

05:36 Journey in Different Countries

08:15 Career Transition into Technology

10:13 Exploration of Self-Identity

13:28 Career in Psychotherapy

17:55 Personal Growth and Future Plans

31:19 Unveiling the Layers of Self-Discovery

31:44 Exploring Zen Buddhism and Consciousness

33:32 The Journey of Self-Realization and Conscious Death

34:14 Experiences of Emotional Struggles and Healing

37:00 The Mystical: Astrology, Starseeds, and Channeling

38:04 The Path of Spiritual Exploration and Transformation

42:33 The Intersection of Bitcoin and Spirituality

42:45 The Journey to Bitcoin and Financial Freedom

45:11 Bitcoin as a Tool for Personal and Financial Alignment

49:31 The Role of Bitcoin in Alleviating Anxiety

57:23 Empowering Women through Bitcoin

01:00:16 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Join the Women's Reading Club



"HODL UP is a fun game. Almost as easy as playing Uno. Cool thing is that... it is all based on crypto-currency. Playing enabled my children and me to learn as we mined coins! Its accessible gameplay makes it both a family-friendly game and an educational experience. Highly recommend!"

S.E. Lindberg
Creator of Dyscrasia Fiction & Managing Editor at Black Gate

“Best Bitcoin game ever!”

Matt O'Dell
Citadel Dispatch

“This game is REALLY fun.  … I was so impressed with the game theory he used in building this game – Bravo sir!”

Preston Pysh
The Investor’s Podcast Network

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