₿HS002: Physical Freedom = Enhanced Growth


By not controlling everything for kids, and by not protecting them too much, kids better learn how to live in this world.  In this conversation, Tali and Scott go deep on how allowing kids to be in physically free environments helps more than intellectual and physical development.  


  • A feature of taking self-custody of education is being in control of the agenda and the environment
  • Separating parents from kids enhances the state’s control over the population
  • Public schools focus on and reward conformity
  • The unique approach of a Japanese kindergarten (see TED Talk link in the resources section)
  • Staying physical healthy is part of a low-time-preference life
  • “Don’t control them too much”
  • “Kids need small doses of danger”
  • “Kids need noise”
  • You have SO MANY resources within this community … Commitment is the first step
  • Help make this show more valuable … What do you want to learn about homeschooling?



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