₿HS004: Overcoming the Fear of Overwhelm


Homeschooling is a commitment.  You are investing your precious time and attention for the long-term success and happiness of your children.  In this conversation, Tali and Scott deep dive the common fear of being overwhelmed.


  • A common question from those considering homeschooling is how to not lose yourself
  • Homeschooling is not as hard as you might think
  • It’s okay if spouses don’t agree on all aspects (feature not a bug)
  • You have a lot of options, each with varying impacts on time for yourself
  • Just start … then adjust.  It’s a process you continually tweak.
  • You don’t need to have plan for entire K-12 experience.  Planning out a month or two in advance is fine.
  • Part-time private schools are one option
  • Co-ops offer additional benefit, the opportunity to share your passions
  • Extended family plans
  • Homeschooling play groups and field trips
  • Every homeschooling mom, no matter how devoted needs time to herself to recoup and regenerate
  • There are so many resources:  Mom’s groups, churches, online curriculum, etc.
  • Finding homeschooling groups and play groups in your area
  • Always do a tour before committing to a program
  • Consider attending homeschooling conventions
  • Homeschoolers are very much like Bitcoiners.  They're very, very friendly, open, and more than happy to share experience.
  • Stay flexible and know that it's going to be okay. Take one step at a time.



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