₿HS005: Pro-Homeschooling Lessons from a Former Public School Supporter


Some parents who decide to homeschool face resistance from their families.  Today, Tali sits down with a lifelong public school supporter turned homeschooling advocate.


  • There’s been A LOT of negative changes in public schools and these changes started decades earlier
  • Average kids can be left behind in public schools
  • Initial reaction (“Oh my God”) and other concerns about homeschooling from a different generational point of view
  • Surprising exhibit of self-confidence and self-assurance with very young homeschooled kids
  • Homeschooled kids move at their own respective speeds
  • Homeschooled kids show maturity, e.g., the way they speak, the way they handle themselves in crowds, speaking in front of large audiences
  • Parents have to be involved with their children – you don’t know what they’re doing in public schools
  • Absorbing lessons is more important than passing tests
  • Deterioration of discipline in public schools
  • Deterioration of manners in public schools, e.g., respecting elders
  • The reality of “you can have it all” for mothers and fathers
  • Parents need to be aligned in homeschool mission to make it work
  • Homeschooling kids talk to their families and share personal experiences with their families even in their late teenage years
  • Public schools now have sexually explicit books in their libraries
  • Homeschooling is a major commitment but one should pursue it without hesitation



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