₿HS006: Meredith and Shane Hazel “Trust yourself – You Are Made to Do This”


Bitcoiners Meredith and Shane are over a decade into their homeschooling journey.  In this conversation they share overing fears, embracing challenges, asking kids to teach others, homesteading, and many personal lessons.


  • Homeschooling is a calling
  • Meredith’s background as a schoolteacher
  • Cost of childcare alone is ridiculous
  • Preparing for a lifestyle of a single income without fear
  • Men can only do such much, kids really need a mom
  • Originally decided to take it year by year
  • Now they’re homeschooling until the work is done
  • Embracing challenges … Make adjustments as you go
  • Hardest part starting out was researching how legally to do this
  • Struggle and growth from over-planner to value-based teacher
  • Combining homeschooling and homesteading
  • Teaching more than traditional subjects, teaching life skills
  • Have kids teach you!  Using Discord, baking bread, anything
  • Kids learning to monetize 
  • Chores and responsibilities, e.g., attending to chickens
  • Learning (teaching) how to make money work instead of working for money
  • Kids can learn things are earlier ages than you expect
  • Genius is actually an extraordinarily common thing
  • Contribution to society through our kids
  • You do NOT need a schoolteacher background to homeschool
  • The art and science of leveraging nap schedules
  • Fail fast.  Learn from your mistakes.  You’re going to be alright.
  • Kids have to have skin in the game
  • How to answer kids ask “Do we have to go to college?”
  • Check out dual enrollment opportunities
  • Balancing free time and self-discipline
  • Self-discipline over curriculum
  • Value of letting kids teaching others what they know
  • Don’t be afraid to follow your own path
  • Read to kids every day
  • Have fun with your kids and learn patience as fast as you can



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