₿HS007: “Discipleship in the Home” with Josh Friedeman


Josh grew up in a homeschooled family of eight.  In this episode, he shares how the experience created lifelong memories with his parents and between his siblings, why the love of learning is critical and how making an “Age 18 List” helps focus on skills and character traits you want your kids to have before they leave home.


  • The value of a unified parental front
  • A lot has changed in homeschooling over the last two decades
  • Josh always liked being homeschooled
  • It was harder to play sports than it is today
  • With six kids, his family would commit to one thing at a time, e.g., one sport at a time
  • Josh feels he potentially did not have as many friends (had he not been homeschooled)
  • Lack of socialization is just homeschool FUD
  • Boy Scouts as an organization has deteriorated – Trail Life is a popular alternative right now for boys
  • American Heritage Girls is an alternative for girls
  • Homeschooling challenges you to stay sharp and fit
  • Josh and his siblings studied Latin, Greek and Hebrew
  • Homeschooling can spark lifelong curiosity
  • Don’t neglect key basic subjects
  • Engendering a love for a reading
  • Set the example by reading books yourself
  • Getting creative … Civil War or World War II or Viking birthday party themes
  • Life-long bonds and memories not just between parents but also between siblings
  • Incredible value of family meals
  • As long as you’re there, you’re not going to mess things up
  • The “Age 18 List” … The skills and character traits you want your kids to have developed before they leave home
  • Don’t accept cultural norms, e.g., terrible-two’s and rebellious teenagers
  • Dealing with dyslexia
  • Don’t try to model the classroom setting from classrooms in the home
  • Why it’s so critical for kids to have time to play outside 
  • Don’t stress your kids out with excessive testing and structure



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