₿HS008: A Parenting Resource “The Learning Game”


Want to develop anti-fragile kids?  In this episode Tali and Scott deep dive the parenting book “The Learning Game” by Ana Lorena Fábrega.  The author is a former school teacher inspired to share positive alternatives to our institutionalized systems.  


  • Context of things wrong with current school systems
  • Prussian origins and the need for people who would comply as soldiers
  • Current system 
  • focuses on punishing failure and making it something to fear and avoid
  • little time for free play
  • Unintended incentives for test taking for administrators, teacher and students
  • Overprotection environment creates risk-adverse people
  • Disagreeing with the “myth of the learning style”
  • Developing a love of learning
  • Exposing kids to situation and problems they have to solve for themselves
  • Gamification is NOT point-ification
  • The precise video game formula of getting people to stay in the game
  • Scott and Tali’s different takeaways from video games
  • Failure is okay … if you don’t do well, you just try again
  • Montessori teaching method lets the experience give children feedback
  • Importance of having skin in the game – for parents and kids
  • Developing kids who are anti-fragile
  • Let kids experience moderate levels of stress
  • Working with shy kids
  • Learning social skills is critical growing up
  • Being okay with rejection
  • Dangers of the trend of people blaming others for microaggressions
  • Character development is critical and needs to be deliberate
  • Range of knowledge versus specific knowledge
  • Knowing how to solve problems is more important than memorizing facts
  • Thinking in bets 
  • People have to be able to deal with ambiguity to be successful today
  • Current system over-relies on standardized tests
  • Memory palace as a life skill
  • Memorize less but analyze more



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