₿HS013: AI and Homeschooling


It’s mission critical for Bitcoin homeschoolers to overcome the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about artificial intelligence (AI).  Tali and Scott kick off this series with the “why” about this powerful type of tool.  The decision parents must make is whether to learn about AI and be the master of the new technology or be the victim who fears it.


  • Many examples of AI FUD.
  • AI needs to be part of your homeschooling curriculum.
  • Parents need to understand what AI is and help their kids with a framework for it.
  • It is a tool.  Like all tools, it can be used for good for evil.
  • It is normal for people to fear new technologies, e.g., electricity or cars.
  • Not using AI does not protect you from it.  
  • The decision parents have to make is whether to learn about AI and be the master of the new technology or be the victim who fears it.
  • AI is not actually intelligent. 
  • The phrase “artificial intelligence” was first coined in the 1950’s.
  • The potential of AI as a tool to enhance learning is mind-blowing, e.g., learning how to play chess now versus 30 years ago.
  • With the acceleration of technology, there’s actually a decentralization impact on AI.
  • This is a call to action to homeschooling parents to go deeper, to figure out how to incorporate AI into your curriculum.
  • Just pick one area, one AI tool and go try it out
  • Narrow AI versus general AI
  • Yes, AI can lead to loss of jobs.  However, it also leads to new jobs.  Those who learn AI tools will remain in high demand by companies.
  • Controlling societies like China can use AI in scary totalitarian ways.  This is reinforces why we need to understand and teach how AI really works and remain vigilant in protecting our freedoms.
  • Spirit of Satoshi is based on libertarian ideas, Austrian economics and Bitcoin resources.


·       Preston Pysh’s interview with Jeff Booth https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/bitcoin-fundamentals/personal-ai-models-and-bitcoin-jeff-booth/

·       Guy Swan interview with Jeff Booth https://youtu.be/s8XoMg3tb0s

·       Spirit of Satoshi  https://www.spiritofsatoshi.ai


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