₿HS014: Clair and Daniel Prince Share World-Schooling-Bitcoiner Lessons



Clair and Daniel Prince bring the proof-of-work.  Homeschooling while you’re traveling the world takes commitment and courage.  In this episode they share their perspectives on un-programming ourselves as parents, teaching values to children, the importance of critical thinking skills, regulatory creep in Europe, and developing deep and bonding relationships with your family.


  • Clair and Daniel started their journey on world schooling in 2014.
  • Originally reason had nothing to do with education.  It started because they wanted to exit the corporate rat race.
  • Self-directed education includes world schooling, unschooling, homeschooling, self-led learning.
  • Benefits have included spending time with their children, seeing how they learn differently from one another, and so much more.
  • When Daniel first left his fiat job, he and Clair had to work out the balance.  They had different methods of discipline, different approaches to teaching, different expectations of learning, different levels of patience, etc.
  • It’s important to understand you have to do a lot of de-schooling and un-programming of your own.
  • Socialization fears with alternative education are not just wrong.  The reality is homeschooled kids are demonstrably better interacting with people of all ages, including adults.
  • Transition time between activities and events is critical
  • You can learn skills later in life, but you can’t go back and create time with your kids.  You’re building lifelong relationships.
  • One of the biggest rewards is teaching your kids to think critically
  • How to have conversations with older children about the decision to go to university or not
  • The word “drop out” is a psy op
  • Western European countries are making it harder for parents to homeschool since covid
  • World schooling is still a cheaper way to live than staying in one place
  • Clair and Daniel are still judged today on their original decision to world school versus looking at the results, e.g., being bilingual
  • World schooling takes work, but it’s worth it


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