₿HS015: From Fear to Confidence – Lessons from 2023


It’s been one year since Tali and Scott formally finished homeschooling their kids and left the corporate world.  They focus on giving back to homeschoolers, women Bitcoiners, and veterans. Tali and Scott use the week between Christmas and New Years to reflect on the prior year and goals for 2024. 


  • Tali’s surprise note to herself
  • Last December is when everything really started with this journey.  They finished formal homeschooling and a corporate at the same time.
  • Until visiting Bitcoin Park, they had felt like they were on an island in terms of meeting and talking with Bitcoiners.
  • That is where they first played Hodl Up with Bitcoiners and not just their family and friends.
  • One aspect that changed is going from the stepping-off moment when they committed and today, when they have more confidence.
  • It’s one thing to understand what Jeff Booth has articulated about not working in the system you’re fighting.  It’s another to apply that understanding and take action.  It can be a scary prospect. 
  • The game Hodl Up helped open opportunities to meet people but Tali and Scott learned throughout the year that this is actually part of something that was much bigger than themselves.
  • It is so important to get out and meet people in person.
  • If you have something to give, then give back.  For Tali and Scott, this is with homeschoolers, women Bitcoiners and veterans.
  • Hodl Up has proven to be an effective bridge builder with pre-coiners.
  • The whole journey of 2023 stemmed from an understanding that Tali and Scott are trying to bring awareness of Bitcoin to new people.
  • We need to put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand how they perceive the world in order to reach them with messages about Bitcoin, sound money, etc.
  • People won’t pivot until they personally have a need or they personally  see the impacts of the fiat system.
  • Tali started OrangeHatter podcast because she saw a gap where women were not necessarily being spoken to in a feminine way.
  • Create touch points.  Meet people where they are.
  • With purpose comes fulfillment.  Working on something bigger than themselves has made the past year so rewarding for Tali and Scott.
  • For Bitcoin adoption to continue, we have to reach women and specifically moms.  
  • Brainstorming ways to connect in 2024



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