₿HS017: AI for Homeschoolers Part 2 – Free Speech


There’s more to understanding AI than its technical applications.  Tali and Scott continue their AI for Homeschoolers series exploring the connection between AI and free speech.  They balance the Bitcoin Moms' point of view with the Bitcoin Dads' point of view.  AI is just a tool, although a very powerful one.  Our free speech rights are under attack from government censorship, e.g., biden’s recent executive order.  Free speech is not contingent upon being “correct” because at the heart of the matter is the question of who gets to decide what is correct.


  • Tali and Scott take a moment to rif on how to make this podcast the most valuable for others.
  • Homeschooling is not limited to those who take 100% control of their kids education.  Nights and weekends provide learning opportunities for dual-income families and public-schooled families as well.
  • While anyone at any stage can benefit from discussions like today’s topic on AI, the discussion focuses on families with middle-school-aged children and older.
  • You as a parent can prepare yourself well before your kids are ready for the material
  • Consider yourself part of the home education process … you learn too
  • Many subjects studied in public school curriculum do not help kids prepare for post-graduation life.
  • Conversely, many useful subject, e.g., AI, are not included but would be very valuable in preparing students for post-graduation life.  
  • If you are not taking advantage of AI in your work you are falling behind.  So, don’t hold kids back from this tool called AI.
  • Bitcoin Moms’ points of view
  • Bitcoin Dads’ points of view
  • If you have the skills to use this tool, AI, then you are incredibly valuable to any organization.
  • “Biden’s AI Bill of Rights May Just Be Another Censorship Plan” written by Jeremy Powell is available on Mises.org
  • Disinformation about disinformation … 1984’ “Ministry of Truth”
  • Free speech is not contingent upon being “correct” because at the heart of the matter is the question of who gets to decide what is correct.
  • The government continues to play Big Brother and deciding what citizens can or cannot be exposed to, what they can think and cannot think.  If you disagree, they shut you down.
  • Stay positive.  Be careful to guard your emotions.  It’s hard to keep positive when there are so many negative things in the news like biden’s executive order. 
  • AI is bringing great benefits, to include new types of jobs.  Focus on those good things.
  • Kids could be turned off if we communicate in a harsh way, even if our passion is coming from a place of love.
  • Social media street smarts.  We are all susceptible to being manipulated by AI, .e.g., by social media, chat bots, etc.  
  • Those creatives who are embracing AI and how to use it are advancing their skills and thriving.



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