₿HS019: Deanna and Joel Are Building an Alternative to State Indoctrination

SHOW TOPIC:  Independent thinking, teacher incentives, and AI's place in a homeschool curriculum

Deanna and Joel are building the future they want to see.  The decline in our education system has compounded year after year for over a century.  It is too corrupt to fix from the inside.  This inspired them to start their own teaching business.  

With technology as a deflationary force, the cost of education should be decreasing and the quality should be increasing.  The opposite is happening.  Independent thought and critical thinking are sacrificed for the sake of conforming to approved narratives.  Listen to how this couple is fighting back by leaving the system and creating teaching content for Bitcoin homeschoolers.


·      Deanna and Joel share a passion for education and started a homeschool curriculum company.  They only work with Bitcoin families.

·      Lyceum Tutoring has on-demand courses for history, humanities, economics, literature and art history.

·      The negative trends in education including at the college level have been going on for many years

·      Improving writing skills helps students think better

·      IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) is program Tali used to help teach her kids.  It was the exact opposite of the way Tali had been taught in college (which was to dumb down everything).

·      Joel and Deanna are horrified (but not surprised) hearing about how Scott and Tali’s daughter was directed to write an opinion paper as a college freshman.

·      Before you spend money on your kid’s college, ask what they really need for their chosen career field

·      The trades have many training programs

·      Most things CAN be learned by ANYONE.  Avoid the false narrative that “I’m just not good in math” etc.

·      Charlotte Mason method is a popular homeschool philosophy.  Using “living books” is an example of this method.

·      Use original, unabridged works as much as possible

·      Little to zero benefit of labelling reading abilities by grade

·      Debating incentives versus laziness of public-school teachers and college professors

·      Losing meritocracy … The trend with college students being graded by their fellow college students

·      With technology as a deflationary force, the cost of education should be decreasing and the quality should be increasing.  The opposite is happening.

·      AI is just a tool.  It can be used for good, e.g., as a brain-storming partner when writing a book.

·      Don’t be afraid of AI.  In fact, embrace it.  It’s best to incorporate it into homeschool curriculum.

·      Project Gutenberg is great resource for homeschoolers.  It is a library of over 70,000 free e-books.

·      Deanna is working on her new book, “Shells to Satoshi, the Story of Money”.  Joel is working a romance novel set in El Salvador amongst Bitcoin expats.



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