₿HS023: Overlooked Aspects of Compounding, Experiential Learning with Brooke Williams


SHOW TOPICS:  experiential real-world learning, compounding benefits of year-round schooling, treating kids like adults

Brooke Williams is a homeschool dad who shared the teaching responsibilities equally with his wife.  He’s also a passionate Bitcoiner.  In today’s episode Tali and Scott dig into his lessons learned about the often-overlooked compounding benefits of year-round learning, experiential learning, treating kids like adults, the homeschooling mental game, and the incredible resilience of kids.


  • Brooke’s background including how growing up traveling around the world impacted how they raised their kids
  • His family’s journey into homeschooling
  • In public schools, a large portion of the beginning of each new school year is spent re-learning what was forgotten since the prior year.  
  • Homeschooling can and often goes year round.  This is huge benefit of homeschooling.  The compounding effects mean kids get much further ahead, much faster.
  • Kids are going to learn what they are interested in
  • They went to a home-based partnership in California
  • The teaching was done by both him and his wife
  • Treat your kids like adults.  Don’t treat them like their helpless.
  • Experiential learning is part of everyday life, e.g., giving kids jobs to do when grocery shopping.  
  • There is learning in everything you do:  chores, choosing what to cook, making a grocery list, budgeting, etc.
  • Pets teach so much not just kids, but adults as well.  When life happens, parents are there to coach their kids how to deal with difficult circumstances including everything from nurturing and caring to life and death.
  • Many of America’s early leaders were homeschooled, e.g., Lincoln.  The idea that you need someone else like the state or some other central authority to tell you what is best for your kids is garbage.
  • There is a lot of FUD and perceived risk about homeschooling.
  • Brooke and his wife found their source of strength in a local homeschooling partnership.  Local connections are instrumental in terms of support.  
  • These groups are in every community.  You just have to seek them out.
  • The mental game for those undecided:  you can do this.  You already have what you need to homeschool and there are so many support resources available.  
  • Kids are incredibly resilient.  Don’t overthink about what it takes to homeschool.  No one is perfect.  Own your mistakes and know that your kids are going to be fine.
  • The incredible value of parent-children bonds
  • Beware of the fallacy of teaching kids independence by leaving them alone, e.g., when they cry
  • Brooke created his own financial boot camp for kids.



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