Announcing HODL UP

Announcing HODL UP


Introducing HODL UP™️, the best and most enjoyable way to teach Bitcoin basics in 30 minutes or less.


(Crestwood, KY) - Free Market Kids, a local education company, is excited to announce the launch of HODL UP™️. This tabletop game is a teaching tool designed to introduce players to the basics of Bitcoin in a fun and interactive way. HODL UP™️ is available now at  This is authenticated and certified.


Playing the game helps those unfamiliar with Bitcoin understand key blockchain concepts without technical lectures or books.


Suitable for players of all experience levels, HODL UP™️ takes approximately 20-30 minutes to play. Learning to play is fast and only takes a few practice hands! ⠀


Developed as a passion project by its creator to share his knowledge of Bitcoin with his family and friends, HODL UP™️ was meticulously tested over a two-year period.


"We believe that understanding Bitcoin is essential for the future, and we wanted to create a fun, easy-to-understand tool that would make it accessible to everyone," said Scott Lindberg, founder of Free Market Kids. "Self-education about digital assets is more crucial than ever."


Get your own HODL UP™️ game at


For more information about Free Market Kids, visit the company's website at or contact the founder directly at


About Free Market Kids: It is an education company committed to creating teaching tools such as tabletop games and courses that make teaching money concepts easy and fun.