Announcing "Teaching through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons"

Announcing "Teaching through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons"


Introducing Teaching Through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons©, the best and easiest way for the new and curious to delve into learning Bitcoin basics.


(Crestwood, KY) - Free Market Kids, a local education company, is excited to announce the release of Teaching Through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons©. This book accompanies the tabletop game, HODL UP™️. Together, the book and the game are powerful tools to effectively and quickly teach a newcomer about Bitcoin. Both the game and the book are authenticated and certified.


Here are insights that you’ll discover within:


  • From a personal savings perspective, everyone is looking for a long-term store of value to protect against our inflationary monetary system. Understanding key Bitcoin concepts can be the difference between smart money decisions and getting wrecked on exchanges.⠀


  • From a humanitarian perspective, Bitcoin is freedom money for the un-banked and those living in hyper-inflationary countries. ⠀


  • From an energy perspective, Bitcoin drives healthy incentives, e.g., capturing previously flared methane and balancing electric grids using solar and wind. 

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About Free Market Kids: It is an education company committed to creating teaching tools such as tabletop games and courses that make teaching money concepts easy and fun.