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Free Market Kids Launches "Youth Financial Empowerment" Online Course to Foster Money Literacy Among Teens

Will your teen thrive or struggle in tomorrow's economy?  This concern inspired us to develop our inaugural course, "Youth Financial Empowerment".  We are thrilled to announce the launch of this resource to prepare teenagers to face unprecedented financial conditions. 

Free Market Kids, founded by a duo of Yale MBA graduates with a profound commitment to education and empowerment, combines academic excellence with real-world financial acumen. The creators, who also bring over two decades of homeschooling experience to the table, have meticulously designed this course to address the gap in financial literacy among young individuals.

This course does not focus on personal budgeting as do so many programs available today.  While such courses are beneficial, budgeting to be debt free is no longer enough.  A sad example is the American Dream of owning your house.  Fewer and fewer people will ever have a path to reach this once-attainable milestone. 

“If knowledge is power, knowledge about money is a super-power” said Tali, one of the Cofounders.  “Our mission is to give the next generation the knowledge and tools to maximize their chances for freedom, success and happiness.”

"Youth Financial Empowerment" stands out as a comprehensive, interactive online learning experience that unveils what is going on under-the-hood with our money and broader economic forces at play in our lives.  Importantly, the course blends engaging modules, practical exercises, and real-life scenarios, to let students explore how to apply this knowledge in their personal decision making. 

The course is now open for enrollment with multiple scheduling options designed to accommodate the busy schedules of today's families.  For more information on "Youth Financial Empowerment" and to enroll, visit

About Free Market Kids

Free Market Kids is an education company focused on fostering money literacy for kids.  Their mission is to give the next generation the knowledge and tools to maximize their chances for freedom, success and happiness.  Founded by two Yale MBA graduates with a passion for education and over twenty years of homeschooling experience, Free Market Kids makes it easy and fun to introduce money concepts to kids through tabletop games, courses, lesson plans and trusted resources.

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